Digital Deals

There are thousands of apps available from the Amazon Appstore.

Some you have to pay for.

 Some are Free, but you have to pay for in-app purchasing.

And most are Actually FREE!!



With thousands of FREE apps, waiting for you to download.

But first you have to download the Amazon underground app. Amazon Underground is for Android or Blackberry Devices only.

Click this link to the download page:


 Amazon Underground app Download>>

And follow the instructions.


Start downloading as many apps as you like. But how can Amazon give away all these FREE apps. There are two main reasons, apps have ads on them, and while you are at the Appstore there are some good apps you may like to pay for.

However, don’t think that all the free apps are rubbish, there are some fantastic Free ones.

There is a but in this, as all apps you download, whether from Amazon or other sources, they all have, track app usage, your location, text messages, and contacts, and more.

If you are fine with this and you don’t mind the ads, then enjoy the FREE apps.


 How do you know if they are free or not?

Before you download any app, check what it actually says, if there is a price displayed, then that is what you have to pay, there may be in-apps you have to pay for as well, (in-apps are payments within a game, that extends or purchases extras within the game or app, such as power-ups, restricted levels, virtual money, special characters, boosts, etc.).


If it says FREE, then the download is free, but you may have to pay for in-apps.


But if it says “Actually Free” then the download is free and the in-apps are free.

This makes Amazon underground a fantastic app to have.